who supports XXY?

very special thanks to:

Tiziana Lauda - graphic design
Dragi Djeric - help in scenografical questions
Florian Holzer - photography 

Moana Bischof - model
Tim Wettstein - model

Renato - help in transportations
Marianne - emotional support and use of sewing machines
Armin - emotional support and help in transportation
Cloed Priscilla Baumgartner - for good advice in label questions
Alexandra Kiesel - sewing techniques and head of internship in berlin
Marianne Zahel - sewing teacher
Hani, Christa, Tiziana, Selina, Jane, Jasmine, Nathalie, Anja, Andrea, Johanna, Raffaela, Kim, Chiara, Tanja and many more - for good advises, emotional support and talks

l'endroit perdu team
flatterschaft basel
young at art team
et/ou team
schubladen team
sud team
montagsmarkt team
feschmarkt team


Feinraus Store, Lagerstrasse 16a, 8004 Zürich {CH} > from december 2012 till the end of april 2013

Riviera Basel, Feldbergstrasse 43, 4057 Basel {CH} > during summer 2012

d'Waldfee, Eisengasse 1, 6640 Brunnen {CH} > from December 2012 till the end of may 2013

YPPIG ecofashion Showroom, Yppenplatz 5, 1160 Wien {AUT} > during may 2012

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