22 Januar 2015


XXY had the opportunity to do costumes for a big project for Berns University of the Arts.

ANGELUS NOVUS II - a multimedia soundcollage by Helmut Oehring and more than 70 students and professors from all departements (music jazz, music classical, composition and theory, art education, fine arts, music and movements, music and media arts).

Fotocredit: Adrian Moser

Fotocredit: Adrian Moser

here you can find a report about the project

here you can find a special kind of playbill called "journal intime"with personal thoughts, drawings, poems from students of Berns University of the Arts

16 Juni 2014

last but not least

Florian Holzer's Master Project - syn Magazine

The magazine presents androgyny from numerous points of view, all fitted in the three ways of experiencing the phenomenon: perception – the the look from the outside, portrait – the personal experience, and interpretation – androgyny as a source of inspiration and the origin of a creative venture.

more information:

10 Februar 2013

XXY is on vacation until further notice
Due to my studies and other projects the development of my label won't be continued for the time being. I thank everyone with all my heart for their support and hope that soon I'll be able to dress you with renewed energy.
With best wishes from Bern,
XXY - handmade unisex clothes

11 Oktober 2012

13 Mai 2012

Einblick# 25 @ YPPIG ecofashion showroom

Ein erster Einblick in meinen Designer in Residence beim YPPIG ecofashion showroom.
Die linke Hälfte des Shops darf für einen Monat als Präsentationsfläche genutzt werden. Auf der rechten Seite zeigt Cloed Baumgartner das ganze Jahr durch die Kleidungsstücke und Accessoires vom ihrem Label Milch.

06 Mai 2012


Passend zum kommenden Designer in Residence beim YPPIG eco fashion showroom am Yppenplatz in Wien, habe ich von meiner liebsten Grafikerin Tiziana Lauda neue Visitenkartenkreationen erhalten!
ganz ganz herzlichen dank!

Ich bin an folgenden Tagen von 11 bis 15 Uhr beim Yppenplatz 5 in 1160 Wien.
12. Mai 2012
19. Mai 2012
26. Mai 2012